Northern Lights Limited Edition Art Print - "A Beautiful Life"

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"A Beautiful Life"

About this painting:

II love back-country camping. I also love watching the northern lights. I once had this experience while out camping in the mountains of Montana when the northern lights illuminated the sky while my tent glowed from the flashlight inside. I was awestruck and thus began the idea for this painting. What if it was possible to see the full moon this bright and still be able to watch the stars and aurora shine like this? I was so inspired by the experience that I had so I set out to capture it in this surreal painting. Anyone who share's this similar love for camping would absolutely love this painting!


Limited edition - Only 25 of each size ever produced! When they're gone they're gone!

My limited editions are truly extensions of my original paintings. I personally sign, number, and embellish each one with real paint and a brush. In addition these come with a certificate of authenticity which certify all of this as well insure that these will always hold their value. These hand painted embellishments are one of a kind and can never be reproduced!

Printed on high-quality archival grade Crystalline gloss canvas by Breathing Color. Crisp detail along with unmatched color depth and contrast shines through its rich glossy finish. This is truly the finest canvas on the market.

Style options:

Stretched and mounted: These are stretched and mounted on either 3/4" or 1.5" thick wood stretch-bars and ready to hang without a frame if you so choose.

3/4" thickness: Choose this option if you plan on inserting this into a frame. (not available in 18x24)

1.5" thickness: Choose this option if you would like to hang this as is with no frame for a more modern look (can still be framed). Edges are black.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of limited edition prints (3-4 weeks for orders outside the US)

***NOTE: The "Wildlife and Art" copyright watermark is just for the internet image. No text appears in the actual painting!

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