Chuck Black

Wildlife and landscape art inspired from my journeys and love for the wilderness.
Montana based artist Chuck Black

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Chuck shares his experiences as an artist and the techniques he learns along the way through his Youtube Channel.

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" My art is merely a reflection of my love for the outdoors,
where my true passion lies."

- Chuck Black


I love watching your videos and love learning from you! I recently bought one of your prints and was absolutely stunned! You are such an inspiration for your love of wildlife and art! Thanks!

Matt V.

I've been following Chuck's work for the last two years, and finally made a couple purchases. Not only are they beautiful, but they arrived quickly and he attached a really kind, hand written note. He truly cares about his customers, and I'll definitely keep coming back to make more purchases!

Stephannie S.

Extraordinary Artist! I bought a picture and it is proudly displayed over my living room couch.

Kim E.

I am 100% addicted. It started when I purchased a print at a National Park in North Dakota. I now have purchased for myself and family 6 different pieces and every time I am overly impressed. It is always even more beautiful and detailed in person. The shipment arrives fast and carefully wrapped. I am keeping an eye out for more to come! These are wonderful gifts.

Carol P.

Absolutely love your artwork! I have several of your bird prints. Keep up the good work! I know I will be a returning customer!

Eta C.

Incredible - Amazing Artist! I have been following Chuck on youtube for some time now, and his Art is insanely Incredible. His Tutorials are top notch very helpful! Huge FAN!

Mary W.

Your work is simply stunning. I acquired one of your paintings, Unforgettable Memories, at the 2017 annual meeting of the North Dakota Chapter of the Wildlife Society earlier this month and I love it. From the first moment I saw it I knew I had to make it mine. It is beautifully done and now sits pride of place on my bedroom wall as one of the best pieces of artwork I have ever come to own.

Annie L.

You are not only an amazing artist but an amazing human being to begin with. Thank you for all you do for the rest of us!

Cindy E.

First of all thank you for your training videos and I also enjoy your plein air videos.
I recently purchased one of your prints, "Harvest Moon", and it is a great piece of work. I love the nostalgia of the old truck and gas pump. You really care about art and teaching for such a young man. Keep up the good work. 

Anita B.