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artist chuck black

Hey! Thank you so much for stopping by. As you probably already know my name is Chuck Black. I'm a traditional artist and I currently reside in Bozeman, Montana. Above all I love everything nature. I'm a wildlife conservationist at heart. My passion is everything about the outdoors and art is just a way I can express that. I’m set out to capture the outdoor lifestyle that I've lived for 30 years (my age!). If you would like to know a little more about myself then feel free to keep reading. Otherwise thanks again and and if you have any questions please send me an note!


Growing up along the countryside of Minnesota and Wisconsin provided me with a passion for the outdoors ever since I can remember. What I remember most is I was always trying to capture my time spent outside on paper. I've always loved to draw, but somewhere in my heart I knew that wildlife was what I really wanted to do. I received my bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology from the University of North Dakota. I worked for six years as a wildlife professional for Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, and the Minnesota DNR.
I’ve been painting with acrylics and oils for over ten years. Over this time I've had the honor of gracing both the 2013 Colorado duck stamp as well as the 2015 California duck stamp with my paintings. After relocating to Southwest Montana I decided to pursue my passion for art full-time. My artwork is now enjoyed by thousands of private collectors worldwide. I hope to grow as an artist in the coming years as I continue to be inspired on a daily basis by the beauty of "Big Sky Country."

Artist Statement

"The Painter of Life"

I've loved exploring the rural areas of my country over the years. We have so many wonderful communities with extraordinary amounts of scenic countryside where the wildlife thrives. From the East coast to the West and from the Southeast to the North Shores of Alaska, I've found beauty throughout and most often times where I least expected it. Sharing these times with my close friends and family has created memories that will last my lifetime. It's these memories that inspire me to create. Life itself is beautiful. I want my art to reflect that inspiration and connect with those who share that similar love.

wildlife artist and American painter Chuck Black

Wildlife and Art

The idea behind Wildlife and Art is to use my artwork to fund my efforts towards a better environment. I believe a great place to start is with our youth. I've been collaborating with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to come visit with their local school districts. I think it'd be great to get actively involved in our school system to get more kids excited about the outdoors, conservation, and our Federal Junior Duck Stamp program. Imagine if we could have dozens of more kids in each school who shared a similar love for wildlife conservation. Think of the impact that could have for the future of our natural resources. I want to use my wildlife artwork to fund my visits and efforts to promote youth education in the outdoors. So many in our country and our world have become disconnected from the natural environment and something needs to start changing right now. (If you don't know about the Junior Duck Stamp Program, please check it out!)
Presenting for the student art day at Minnesota Valley NWR (USFWS) in St. Paul, MN

Each time I make a visit I'm overwhelmed by how engaged and enthusiastic the kids are. Watching how excited they become over the art and the wildlife excites me even more. I'm often reminded of myself when I was their age which inspires me to work even harder as an artist and a conservationist. This enthusiasm makes me realize how important it is to expose our youth to conservation and the outdoors. Artwork can be such a vital tool in this regard as it often can hold so much power. I'm beginning to add a couple more visits each year to my schedule and I hope that I'm able to expand this nationwide in the near future.
Hanging out with 4th and 5th graders at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center (USFWS) in Fergus Falls, MN.

junior duck stamp presentation with artist Chuck Black
Working with 4th and 5th graders on their junior duck stamps at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve (USFWS) in Devils Lake, ND.


Resumé & Awards:

2013 colorado duck stamp

2015 california duck stamp by chuck black

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