"Rising Above" 12x16 Mountain Landscape Painting

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"Rising Above"

When spring is here in the valleys, but lagging behind in the high-country. This time of year is always a favorite of mine as the landscape changes almost daily at times. The snow begins to recede and the green starts to creep up the mountainsides, bringing life along with it. Each day the pattern of the snow-capped peaks change and each week there seems to be different color schemes of wildflowers.

Every year when late spring comes around I find myself getting out more to explore and learn. I love the vivid colors of autumn, but the colors that emerge in the spring are growing on me as well. When the time is just right and most of the mountains have cleared of the snowpack, the compositions can be astounding. Then combined with the fresh, rich colors of spring and for a short time, the views become a state of perfection.

I don't think I'm entirely positive what I'm looking for, but in a way I feel driven to uncover the unknown and discover untold stories. This is a time of year, that as a whole, I've spent the least amount of time exploring and there's a lot I feel I perhaps don't know. To me I see it as more opportunity to broaden the scope of what I do.

This painting came from a trip into Glacier country which is also an area I haven't spent but a fraction of my time in. There's a lot of area in the Northern country which I've never seen and want to venture out into. New areas are always the most exciting places to spend time in. The idea of exploring some new areas up this way and during this time of year interests me very much.

I hope to find new inspiration through these next couple of months through all of this. I plan to sketch and paint along the way to further my understanding of how my creative process can fit into this whole picture. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the process of my latest 12x16. The varying degree of light bouncing off the mountainsides towering above the natural lake below is what captivates me the most. As the light races across the landscape, it reveals new color along the way which creates a sense of life that's next to nothing.


12x16" Original oil painting - panel, framed

This painting comes with a certificate of authenticity which is also documented in a hard copy catalog of original paintings. This catalog is in the possession of myself, the artist.

I personally guarantee that this painting will last for many years to come. I use nothing but the highest grade archival materials in creating and framing this artwork to ensure that this painting is ready to withstand the ages. If you have any questions about this painting or any concerns please feel free to contact me.

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