Lake Cabin Original Painting - "Total Bliss" 16x24

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"Total Bliss"

I'll always have a special love for the "North woods" which is what we seem to always call it. Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin for me personally, but I think we can all relate to a similar place. The cool nights, the smell of pines, sound of water and the occasional smell of campfire smoke lingering in the air are all things that come to mind when I think of the North woods. If only we could all live in our perfect dream place. A place like this looks like I could be happy there for a long time.


16x24" oil/acrylic painting - canvas on board.

Allow 2-3 weeks if you choose to have it framed by myself. I will contact you if you choose this option. I work with each client to find the perfect frame to compliment the painting and their home!

This painting comes with a certificate of authenticity which is also documented in a hard copy catalog of original paintings. This catalog is in the possession of myself, the artist.

I personally guarantee that this painting will last for many years to come. I use nothing but the highest grade archival materials in creating and framing this artwork to ensure that this painting is ready to withstand the ages. If you have any questions about this painting or any concerns please feel free to contact me.

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