Song Birds Canvas Art Print - "Tropical Paradise"

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"Tropical Paradise"

About this painting:

Bohemian waxwings. You can distinguish these from cedar waxwings by the yellow tips on their primary wing feathers. One day when I was out hiking on a sunny winter day I came across this tree full of these birds. It was along a stream so the steam had created a blanket of ice that covered the trees along it. I watched as they played and fed on this frozen berry-filled tree. It almost looks like a tropical paradise. It inspired me to create this painting. I love watching groups of songbirds and if you're a bird lover I know that this painting will fill your house with joy!


Open edition (signature on print is from the original painting)

Printed on high-quality archival grade Crystalline gloss canvas by Breathing Color. Crisp detail along with unmatched color depth and contrast shines through its rich glossy finish. This is truly the finest canvas on the market.

Style Options:

Stretched: Edges are black, 1.5" thick with hanging hardware installed (ready to hang!)

Unmounted: Comes rolled with additional 2" white border, perfect for inserting into a frame! No glass required!

***NOTE: The "Wildlife and Art" copyright watermark is just for the internet image. No text appears in the actual painting!

***These open edition canvas prints ship in about 2-3 business days on average. On occasion they can take up to 4-5 business days to ship. Ships from our Austin, TX location.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for international deliveries (outside the US)

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